Over 10 years of experience in the industry and a specialty in all your tree needs you can count on Cruz Tree Service to get the job done! 

Full list of services include:

Monster & Hazardous Tree

Oversized trees are dangerous to remove and handle. Leave the task to our certified professionals. Contact us today if you need an oversized tree removed or maintenance in or around Watsonville.

Spikeless Trimming & Pruning

This service is an excellent way to fulfill your trees’ trimming and pruning needs without inflicting any damage from climbing. Contact us today if you are looking for tree maintenance in or around Gonzales, CA.

Felling & Lot Clearance

Removing trees is a time consuming and tricky task that is best left to the professionals at Cruz Tree Service. Call us today if you need your lot cleared in Monterey, Pacifico, or nearby cities.

Commercial & Residential

Cruz Tree Service is experienced in all things involving trees. For this reason, we are eager to offer our extensive services to both your residential and commercial properties. Call today to schedule tree services in Pebble Beach.

Emergency Jobs

Our team members are available 24/7 to help you with any and all of your possible tree emergencies. If a tree has fallen, or you have experienced severe weather damage, don’t hesitate to contact us at any hour.

Fire & Brush Clearance

Having too much brush in your yard is one of the quickest ways to start a fire. Our experts will have excess brush removed from your outdoor space in no time to ensure the safety of you and your family in Salinas, CA or nearby cities.

Stump & Root Removal

Leaving old stumps and tree roots exposed is not only dangerous, but it is not aesthetically pleasing. Let us take care of that for you by providing professional stump and tree root removal services throughout Santa Cruz and surrounding areas.

 View Enhancements

Are you looking to significantly increase the property value of your home or commercial building? Let Cruz Tree Service provide you with excellent view enhancing tree services. Contact us today for more information or to book our team in or around Gonzales.

Dead Limbing

Whether standing or fallen, our team will swiftly and professionally remove any and all dead tree limbs from your yard. We aim to help you advance your property’s look, so be sure to call today for tree branch removal services in or around Seaside, CA.

Crown Raising & Reduction

Let your trees look their best by investing in a crown raising job from Cruz Tree Service. We remove branches to shape your tree into its best possible form. Call today with any questions, or to schedule services with our team in or around Monterey, CA.

Poison Oak Removal

Nobody wants to feel the itch of dreaded poison oak. Let us carefully remove it from your yard to make your outdoor space safer for everybody. Call now if you are experiencing issues with poison oak in your Watsonville yard.

Fruit & Citrus Trees

Whether you need them planted or removed, fruit trees require a different level of care than other tree types. Our experienced staff will know just how to handle work with citrus trees, so call us today if you are seeking services in or around Pebble Beach, CA.

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